How to test your PDF Accessibility with Adobe Acrobat

1. Firstly, you will need Adobe Acrobat

For the latest version and 30 day trial of Adobe Acrobat go to the following link - Adobe Acrobat

Once you have your version of Adobe Acrobat Pro (or free trial) open your PDF document - we are using Adobe Acrobat X Pro for this example

2. Once you have opened your PDF go to View > Tools > Accessibility

3. On the right hand side you will see a number of tabs. Select the ‘Accessibility’ tab and you will see a number of options.

4. You can select the ‘Quick check’ or ‘Full check’ option.

5. For this example, we have done the ‘Full check’ option.

When you click on the ‘Full check’ option you will see an overlay screen appear over the PDF. When testing I select all the options before starting the test.

6. Once the test has ran you will see the results on the left side of the PDF document.

You can look at the detailed report and if you click on the links (e.g. “How to add alternative text”) the PDF will move directly to the piece of content that contains the error.

7. Further down on the accessibility report you can read ‘Hints for repair’

This will tell you how to repair the different issues found inside the PDF.

8. You can also look at a summary of the issues found within the report which can be found near the ‘Hints for repair’ text.