Areas of expertise

Inclusive design and development

Designing and developing websites, mobile applications and software which are inclusive for people of all abilities. This includes implementing accessibility throughout all stages of the process within small and large teams.

User research

A range of user research methods, including capturing and analysing both quantitative and qualitative data. Some examples are, remote user testing; user interviews; card sorting; focus groups; stakeholder workshops and creating user personas.

Usability testing

Leading and managing remote; guerilla and lab user testing sessions, including testing desktop; mobile; mobile applications and software with users of varied abilities.

Wireframe and prototype design

Using user research findings to develop wireframe designs; building interactive prototypes in Axure and using software such as Adobe Photoshop; Invisionapp and Balsamiq.

Blog entries

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A photo of Hazel and her guide dog Faith

Hazel's experience of iPhone, VoiceOver and Mobile apps

Earlier this week I had a chat with the wonderful Hazel Dudley. We discussed the Apple iPhone, VoiceOver and mobile applications. Hazel uses her iPhone and a number of different applications on a daily basis, including Facebook, Halifax and the Just Eat app. Hazel is also one of the 4% of registered blind people who cannot see anything at all.

The importance of making mobile apps accessible

Mobile applications such as Uber taxis and Ariadne GPS assist visually impaired users in different ways. I’ve met with a number of visually impaired people who have told me about how Uber has made their lives easier as they can quickly book a taxi using their screen reader and they don’t have to worry about finding money to pay for it. Banking applications allow visually impaired users to keep on top of their accounts and finances without having to take a trip to their local bank.

Easy ways to be productive when working from home

I've been working from home for a year now and I wouldn't change a thing! However, at first I struggled to focus without collegues around me and the pressure of your boss sitting near you. What helped me to focus more was particular applications on my iPhone and laptop computer - i'd like to share these with you and help anyone else who is working from home!

How to test your PDF Accessibility with Adobe Acrobat

It is important that all your PDF files are accessible for screen reader users and can be announced correctly. With Adobe Acrobat you can test that all your PDF files are fully accessible and edit the content accordingly.

10 ways you can consider web accessibility in design

There are very simple steps that your user experience team, designers and frontend developers can ensure that your website designs are accessible for users of all abilities.